Informatics of Genomic Data

The aim of the 17th IHIWS Informatics Core is to create a shared facility for the storage, exchange and analysis of HLA and KIR data, project related data, and analytic results. The work accomplished by the individual 17th IHIWS components will be housed in and maintained by the Informatics Core, along with community resources developed as part of the 17th IHIWS.

The Informatics Core will house and maintain:

  • Quality Control (QC) standards for immunogenomic NGS data
  • Data and analytic results from all projects
  • Reliable NGS sequence determination algorithms for highly polymorphic genes
  • Extended MHC and LRC reference sequences for HLA and KIR genomic alignment and genotyping
  • Extended phased SNP reference libraries for the HLA and KIR genes
  • Tagging SNPs for HLA and KIR polymorphisms
  • Methods and tools for the imputation of HLA alleles from MHC SNPs, and KIR alleles from LRC SNPs
  • Correlation of epitopes with antibody reactivity and HLA mismatch
  • Comprehensive antibody-epitope maps
  • Workshop-derived nomenclature modifications


Component Leaders: Steven J. Mack PhD, Jill A. Hollenbach PhD, Martin Maiers PhD, Paul J. Norman PhD