NGS of Full-length KIR Genes

NGS of Full-length KIR Genes

NGS of Full-length KIR Genes


  • Characterize the nature and extent of KIR allelic diversity across human populations using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).
  • Perform high-resolution KIR genotyping in families from diverse populations in order to define phased KIR haplotypes through segregation analysis.

    Although hundreds of populations have been investigated for KIR gene content diversity, only a handful have been resolved to any allelic resolution. In contrast, during the last 50 years HLA allelic diversity has been widely studied with millions of individuals characterized. The reasons for this disparity are that the KIR region is more recently discovered and has proved technically challenging to analyze…. Read More

    Study of Unrelated Subjects by NGS KIR

    Anthropological studies by NGS of full-length KIR genes to confirm and further characterize alleles and haplotypes identified in unrelated subjects from populations of interest.

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